Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Visit from the Goon Squad

I have been a fan of Jennifer Egan's fiction since The Electric Circus, which I think is one of the best novels ever written about the 1960s, set here and in Germany.  There was a producer trying to cut a deal with her to let me adapt the San Francisco section of the book.  Never happened, unfortunately.

My brother reminded me a few weeks ago that it is summer, and I should take advantage of that fact (if I fail to, I get very cranky by Labor Day).  So I've been on quite a novel-reading binge.  I'm also about to go into rehearsal, which means my brain is going to shift into rewrite overload, whether I actually rewrite that much or not.

So I finally got around to reading A Visit from the Goon Squad last week, and was pretty disappointed.  I'd read the excerpts in the New Yorker, I'd read interviews with Egan about how the novel was nonlinear (doesn't bother me) and had a chunk written in Powerpoint (which I'm still convinced is a gimmick).  I would say wait for her next novel.  

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