Monday, June 17, 2013

Mister Softee

It's nearly summer.  Hopefully, it will stop raining, some day, and we'll all be ready for a Mister Softee! 

Below are the lyrics to the Mister Softee jingle (courtesy of the NY Daily News).  Get ready to sing along!
For a refreshing delight supreme, look for Mister Softee
My milkshakes and my sundaes and my cones are such a treat!
Listen for my store on wheels ding-a-ling down the street.
The creamiest, dreamiest soft ice cream you get from Mister Softee.
For a refreshing delight supreme, look for Mister Softee
S-O-F-T double-E.  Mister Softee!

Advanced Playwriting Class

There's still room in the Playwriting II class for the summer at The Acting Studio.  Class meets every other Monday, 7-10, beginning Monday, June 24th.  Classes are held at Shetler Studios (244 West 54th, 12th floor). 
At each class session, we read a full-length play, discuss it, and students bring in new pages (5-20 pages) to read.  The class is taught as a workshop in a supportive, pre-professional environment, emphasizing how to make your play into the play you want it to be.  Students usually complete a long one-act or the first act of a full-length play.  
Students from this class have gone on to have work in the NYC Fringe Festival, Strawberry One-Act Festival, etc. 
Please contact Patrick Avella at, or go to  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Play

My friend Joe Musso is an excellent playwright.  If you are in Los Angeles any Saturday in the next few weeks, please check out his newest, Republic County, at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre.