Friday, March 4, 2011


When I was in Montreal last week, I read an interesting play. I'd planned to see it, but that didn't work out. I was there visiting my friend Marija Djordjevic, who's my favorite costume designer. She designed fantastic costumes for the premiere of my play Mushroom in Her Hands. But a few years ago, she and her husband moved to Montreal (Michel is Canadian) and they now have a baby.
I managed to show up for tech week of Marija's latest project, Rehabilitation (in French; Recovery in English), and to prepare to watch it in French, read it in English (it's actually being performed in a French translation). It's at the Studio at the Segal Centre at the Montreal JCC (a lovely space, link above) until March 10th.
The playwright is Greg MacArthur. It is a deeply creepy play, and I mean that in the best possible way. It is set in Antarctica in a private rest home/rehab center. MacArthur takes you into this slightly off-kilter world, one which you think you know. And then it almost imperceptibly transforms into a deeply menacing world. I wish someone would produce it in New York.

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