Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Sad Day for Coney

Many of my favorite Coney Island businesses got eviction notices this week. They need to vacate their premises by November 15th. Shoot the Freak!? Gone. Rudy's Old Thyme Bar (best bar on the boardwalk) and Beer Island (home of the Friday night fireworks)? Also gone. Developer Joe Stitt (supply your own hissing) is looking for new tenants, more in line with his "vision" of Coney Island. So far as I can tell, this vision resembles the Staten Island Mall. I blame Mayor Bloomberg; this is what happens when the richest guy in town is elected mayor three times. And the Democratic Party, for not being able to come up with better candidates (Mark Green? C'mon!).
Ruby's is open today, I fear for the last time, and they're planning a rally (link above).
Here's a link to the Times' article, from Tuesday's paper: And the Daily News', from Monday:

Photo credit: Squid Ink's Flickr, via Gothamist

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