Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dorothy Gale

I wish that I could tell you that I haven't been blogging lately because of some major, life-changing event. The truth has to do with the weather and Hassidem. I grew up in the midwest, I lived in Kansas and I've seen twisters. But I'd never actually been in a tornado until last Thursday. My most immediate concern was my pup (the thunder made him crazy). So there are high winds, the view out of my living room window looks remarkably like the 1939 movie, but I hear dripping water. When the tornado has passed, I see at least six leaks in my kitchen, and water spewing out of the bathroom light fixture.
But my landlord is Hassidic, so nothing can be repaired on Yom Kippur. Whereon, the ceiling drywall collapses. And the handy-persons, best referred to as the Three Stooges, replace the drywall on Monday, and the water streams from the roof. Everything in the kitchen got zapped by the drywall or by the paint-sanding, even everything in the drawers. The Stooges can't work during Sukkoth. I pray the work can be done before Simchat Torah.


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