Monday, August 31, 2009

Two Stories

Thing change in New York City, that's all there is to it. It's the nature of the beast. There were two articles in the Metro pages (wasn't there just a Metro section a few months ago?) of the paper of record that caught my eye this morning. The first was actually about Suffolk County (link above). I remember being quite excited 15 years ago to read that foxes had come back to Suffolk County. This summer, a young beaver arrived in Napeague. Whales were spotted off Montauk for the first time in ten years- humpbacks, and minkes. And dolphins, too. There are now so many wild turkeys in Suffolk that they're considering having a turkey shoot in November to cull some of the 3,000.
The not so good news is that yet another bastion of the West Side, Cafe des Artistes, is closing ( It seems that owners George Lang and his wife Jenifer Lang have been struggling, with the economy and rising labor costs, for some time. Instead of reopening at the end of their vacation on September 14th, they'll remain closed. I have been there many times (mostly the bar, I'll admit), and once to their restaurant in the City Park in Budapest (the best asparagus soup I've ever had). I own Mr. Lang's autobiography, Nobody Knows the Truffles I've Seen. He came to New York from Budapest after World War Ii. I wonder what will become of all the Howard Chandler Christy nudes on the walls?
Photo credit: Suzanne de Chillo, The New York Times

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Liz Moore said...

OK, this is just too much. Cafe des Artistes is my favorite ("nice") restaurant in NYC. And, since you were an Inge artist-in-residence, I regret to inform you that Uncle Jack's Restaurant closed yesterday! Independence is REELING. Somebody needs to write a play about Uncle Jack's. I just found your blog after Googling Elaine Romero's play. Thank you for doing this -- I'll be a follower.