Sunday, April 26, 2009

Women Cinematographers

From "Women in Hollywood": My sister Kate is a cinematographer based in Brooklyn. She was on a panel at NYU in March (I meant to get this up sooner) about women cinematographers. The numbers are pretty bad, maybe even worse than women playwrights getting produced off Broadway. "According to the statistics from the Center for the Study of Women in TV and Film at San Diego State, women cinematographers made up a scant 2% of those who worked on the top 250 grossing films in 2007." The blog also mentions that Hollywood is not embarrassed by these numbers. There are plenty of artistic directors and producers who aren't the least embarrassed by the playwright numbers, either, and more than a few are women themselves.


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Conseils tres interessants. A quand la suite?

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really well written! are you a professional author?