Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Favorite Blog

My favorite blog was edited by a man I've never met, Bob Guskind (though I have emailed him several times). Bob cast a wide journalistic net for Gowanus Lounge, all about and all over Brooklyn. Moving to Brooklyn was difficult for me, after 20 years in Manhattan. I was forced to leave because I couldn't find an apartment I could afford with room for both my bed and my books. But Gowanus Lounge made the transition possible. I was an avid reader of it- every weekend I'd plow through the week's postings. And Guskind was a kind man- it showed through his writing.
This morning I received multiple emails from the neighborhood listserves I'm on that Guskind was found dead in his apartment yesterday. Above is a link to the somewhat snarky Brooklyn Paper obituary. It's not clear what the cause of death was. I didn't know him except through his writing, but in that respect I feel like I knew him very well. The photo is by Louise Crawford.

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