Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Reading

The benefits of my La Mama Umbria sojourn continue. This coming week, there will be two nights of readings from work by many of the La Mama Umbria '08 playwrights. The readings are at 7 at the Galleria (not on 4th Street); Six East First Street, between Second Avenue and the Bowery, on Wed., Feb. 18 and Thurs., Feb. 19. The readings are free. My play, “The Benders,” features wonderful actors Cotton Wright, Michael Mattie and Elizabeth Munn. The other playwrights are Raquel Almazan, Siobhan Antonioli, MT Cozzola, Marco Calvani (all the way from Rome), Barbara Jwanouskos, Carlos Matos, and Mark Clayton-Southers.
The readings will be juxtaposed with an installation about "CATS!"
The photos are of "CATS!" and the view of La Mama Umbria from the olive grove.

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