Monday, July 21, 2008

Falls & Park

Yesterday was mighty warm in Brooklyn. I didn’t know any of the 2,000 people without power, but they sure had my sympathy. My boyfriend Tom and I went to see the waterfalls and the new Brooklyn Bridge Park- what there is so far, on Pier 1. It’s quite an ambitious plan. We admired the waterfalls (or as my niece Maggie used to call waterfalls in her babyhood, “the water fall down,” which I thought was pretty genius). Tom took photographs (the above are from the New York Times). We saw luxury condos for rent, near enough to the Manhattan Bridge that you could hear every train go over it. I don’t hate my neighborhood (Gowanus), but if money was no object I wouldn’t be living on top of two limited access highways.

We walked around to Empire State Park, between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. You could actually get to the river here; scramble over some rocks and sand, and there it is in all its tidal basin glory. There were little rolling hills of grass, yesterday dotted with sculptures from the Brooklyn Waterfront Arts Coalition show. My favorite was a large steel Hot Wheel, about twice the size of a plastic one. There were some great old warehouse buildings- absolutely infested, judging from the amount of rat bait out.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park project is so ambitious- linking waterfront from Atlantic Avenue to north of the Manhattan Bridge- I find it difficult to believe it will come to fruition anytime soon. But the immediate goal- to work on the public space on Pier 1 and join it to the Empire State Park- looks within the realm of possibility. It’s a relaxing place. For more information,

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