Thursday, November 8, 2007

The WGA Strike

I've been trying to write all day, with some success. I'm at a difficult point (4/5 done) in the first draft of an original libretto. Nothing is so hard for me as a first draft; I can rewrite until the cows come home.
However, I've been distracted more than usual because of Day #4 of the Writers Guild of America strike. I'm not a member (though I have ceased to work on my series idea for the duration of the strike). But I have good friends and blood relatives marching on picket lines on both coasts, who have been sending me eloquent youtube links all day. The Teamsters and SAG are marching with the writers- I don't remember that happening the last time.
The WGA dropped the DVD issue. All they want now is some kind of compensation for new media. And the powers-that-be won't even talk to them. Smells like greed to me.
If you want to sign the petition in support of the writers, the link is above. If you want to learn more about the strike, go to:

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